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Welcome to ZERO

Empowering protocols, fueling liquidity
ZERO is more than just a decentralized exchange and automated market maker. We are a solution for protocols on Polygon zkEVM to incentivize liquidity and earn revenue. For users, we provide a mix of tried-and-true as well as innovative ve(3,3) tokenomics to bring them greater yields and liquidity. Our structure and commitment to maximizing gains for stakeholders will continue to drive us to make changes and improvements to the ve(3,3) model.
As a direct fork of Retro on Polygon POS, ZERO utilizes concentrated liquidity pools, resulting in maximum fee revenue for veZERO holders.
As far as ve(3,3) innovations, ZERO is on the cutting edge of ve(3,3) ecosystems, focusing on maximizing revenue to our veZERO holders:
  • Integration of Stabl.Fi's $CASH yield-bearing stable indexcoin into the protocol, which provides constant bribe revenue to veZERO voters.
  • Integration of other innovative autobribing mechanisms (veNFT royalties, perp DEX fees) to maximize veZERO incentives without relying on outside parties to bribe.
  • Adoption of oTokenomics, which discourages mercenary farming and brings even more incentives to veRETRO voters.
  • ZERO also features an ALM marketplace, allowing users to choose the automated liquidity manager that they prefer to use. This increases security and decentralization on ZERO, but also encourages healthy competition between ALMs, resulting in increased LP efficiency and perhaps even additional, unique incentives for liquidity providers in the future.
Building on top of the groundwork laid out by Solidly, Thena, Velodrome, and others, our team has made unique additions to fully leverage the ve(3,3) model, to the benefit of all stakeholders. These innovations not only boost the incentives and utility of ZERO, but also adds to the utility of the $CASH token as well (which will further boost the utility of ZERO!).
Throughout the protocol, users will find that there are many benefits of $CASH integration that interoperates with the original Solidly architecture.
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